1. Draft a research proposal that tells us what you want to research, how you intend to do it, and why it is worth doing.

2. Your research proposal must outline the nature of your proposed study and give some indication of how you will conduct your research.

3. A good PhD proposal will explain clearly (i) what the research aims to achieve and what it is about; (ii) why the research is important and in what way it is original or new, and (iii) how the research is to be conducted (methodology)

Title: A short, indicative title is best.
Rationale for the research project.
Issues and initial research question.
Intended methodology and research design.
Expected outcomes and impact.
Timetable / Research planning.

I have decided to concentrate on U.S – Africa Relations, most especially growth and development in the West Africa Region, also beneficiary U.S initiative programs in other to develop the Africa continent. The research proposal is more of a development project, should also shed light on American Policy in Africa, Fundamentals of New Approach in U.S – Africa Relations, Promoting U.S Economic Relations with Africa, Transforming the U.S – Africa Commercial Relationship. Thank you.

The writer could kindly also incorporate a bit of Conflict and Security issues in the body of content, if possible. Thank you.

Please note:
I have uploaded a copy of the word document with the file name (U.S – Africa Relations) that needs to be revised and also samples of research proposal.
The page number (1) should start from the introduction page. The word count should include the reference page. I have also attached below samples of a research proposal. Thank you.
I need the research proposal to meet criteria in other to be considered for an offer for my proposed PhD program. Thank you.

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