My paper is a research paper due by Saturday 2/25/2017

The paper needed to a topic relevant to the study of American foreign policy, therefore I chose America’s need for the UN. The paper must discuss if America still needs the UN. The thesis is that YES America does still need the UN and must stay involved with the UN. Some points to consider are:
Being closer than ever to a second cold war and the UN’s success in the first cold war
America’s need for allies
The UN’s role in the refugee crisis that helps America
The importance of the UN
using the UN’s peacekeeping forces to protect american interest.
The guidelines for the paper are as follows:
Length: 5,000 to 5,500 words.
Times New Roman 12-point font.
Double-spaced with a 1.25-inch left margin and 1-inch top, bottom and right margins.
The documentation style utilized must be consistent throughout the paper. Students must choose one of the established academic styles: APA, MLA or the Chicago Style.
Thank you and hope to hear back from you guys soon

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