watch the video
After you have watched the lecture, write a response to one of the topics below. Responses should be at least 3 paragraphs. In addition, students must develop three (3) multiple choice questions based on this video. Each question should include four (4) answer choices labeled a., b., c, and d. Students must list the correct answer and explain why that answer is correct.

Topics (choose one):

1. Describe three pieces of information or techniques that you learned that could be incorporated immediately into your scanning approach.

2. Provide a critique of the content provided in the video lecture. Did you like the presentation style? Was it easy to comprehend? Was there other information that you felt should have been included? Would you recommend this video to other students? Be sure to provide clear examples and details of the lecture content to show that you viewed it.

3. Summarize the video content and comment on whether the information presented was a review, new material, and/or had practical application. How will you incorporate the information presented in to your studying

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