Unaccompanied Children in the U.S Immigration System: A System of Empty Protections in the United States

I need to organizing, editing, and rewriting my paper if is need it following the professor instruction.

Professor Instruction: basically, you have a lot of material and so I suggest you focus on organizing it.

You have several sections, from different sources, outlining who these children are, where they come from and why they come to the U.S. All of those section should be combined into one section using your own language. This is background and does not need to be very long.

Then you could describe the immigration system the children are put into. This section should be very factual and cite to law more than law review articles. Try not to use inflammatory language, as this is a legal paper. The facts speak for themselves and are stronger anyway.

Then address and discuss each of your ideas for improvement. Those sections will be the meat of the paper. Each section should explain why the particular idea would help as well as explain the obstacles that prevent its enactment.

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