Under the radar


Under the radar

Please answer the questions as completely as possible using an outline approach – an example of what is expected can be found on Black Board. Handwritten will lead at least 5 points off. Turn this case study in at the Beginning of the class on the date it is Due!
1. Who are the subjects described in the case events? (Names, Titles, Roles, etc.) When did the actual event take place (If stated)? Where did this case event occur? (Country(s), state, cities, and in a specialized facility or craft, etc.) (5 points)
2. What or Who failed? How did it happen? Give a sequential account of the events and time(s) that conspired to create the critical event in this case. Give a short summary description of the case event? (10 points)
3. What are the official inquiries? Do you agree or disagree? (5 points)
4. Please relate the event case with Human Factors lecture topics: 1) how do you explain or understand the event with theories or terminologies introduced on class or by Internet search? 2) You can also give your opinions on how could the accident have been prevented from happening? (Answer at least one of the two questions, 5 points)


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