Unit 2 Business Resources

Task 1

For this task you need to produce a leaflet that describes the main physical and technological resources required in the operation and running of either an organisation of your choice or a department in Kendal College. Note: you may wish to use the company where you work as you have existing knowledge of this company and you can carry out further research where you work.

The leaflet should describe the main physical and technological resources covering the following aspects:

Physical Resources: These include buildings and facilities, materials and waste, plant and machinery, equipment including ICT, planned maintenance and refurbishment, emergency provision, insurance and security.

Technological Resources include: These include such things as intellectual property e.g. designs, drawings, text, music, video, accumulated experience and skills, software licences, protection via patents and copyrights.

All explanations and supported evidence should be relevant to the selected organisation

Task 2

You have now examined the Human Resources and the Physical and Technological resources.

Now, you need to “Explain how the management of human, physical and technological resources can improve the performance of a selected organisation”.

Using the organisation that you selected in Task 1 of Assessment 2 you will need to write a report that considers the following areas:

Human resources:
You should consider the recruitment process which includes the use of Job Description and Person Specifications as well as employing people with the right employability and personal skills for the company.

Physical and technological resources
You need to consider the effective use of both physical and technical resources in your chosen organisation and how effective management of these resources can improve the performance of an organisation.

Does managing and monitoring these resources help the company to save money? Would the organisation be able to function without these resources? How does improved management of the resources increase profits?

Your report needs to include a cover page, introduction, main body, conclusion and bibliography stating your sources of reference.


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