Applied Research in Psychology – Topic Presentation
Your topic.
Your working thesis statement.
A summary of a minimum of two articles about your research. (Provide in-text citations for your sources in the body of your post and the full references at the end).
After presenting your topics and research, ask for feedback from your peers. Pose 2–3 questions about your work for which you would like input. The questions may be related to the content of the work, academic writing, APA style, et cetera.

Response Guidelines
Respond to a minimum of two of your peers’ posts. Comment about what you have learned from their research, or extend the dialogue about their topics with information or examples of your own on the topic. Provide helpful suggestions in response to their proposed questions concerning their summaries, in order to help with the final paper. (Are the summaries strong and clear? Is anything unclear that could use more detail?)

Note: As you read through the posts of your peers, you might find opinions and value sets that differ from your own. Remember to be respectful of others’ opinions and value perspectives.

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