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Topic: Video Business Case Report  our case:  (u should login and see the case video) https://mcmaweb01.curtin.edu.au/  usename: BC301Summsch2013  password:bc301ss2013   Business Capstone Multimedia Cases–Vishay Intertechnology Asia – Case  Declining Market, Asia Growth Strategy

[requirment]   • A brief introduction that summarizes the issue and its importance  • A set of realistic alternatives  • A set of criteria that can be used to choose among the alternatives  • A solution to the issue derived from the alternatives  • A justification for the chosen solution as well as a justification for each alternative not chosen as a solution based on the selection criteria  • A conclusion that highlights the favoured solution • Where needed, a series of logical steps to be followed to implement the chosen solution along with a discussion • A discussion of the managerial and financial implications for the organization of adopting the chosen solution and (if needed) implementing it. • Communication of these ideas using appropriate paper formatting, accurate spelling  and grammar as well as clear and concise writing style. • A list of references along with appropriate citing of references in the body of the report. • As an appendix, a description or discussion of the process used by the students to create a solution   refer to http://ukplatinumessays.com/video-business-case-report/   Summary of Requirements for Video Business Case Report  This assignment is divided into two parts:  Part 1: Video Business Case Report (<500 words, 10%)  A) Issues  Provide a brief introduction that summarises the main ‘Issues’ of the case.  B) Causes  Identify the ‘Causes’ of the ‘Issues’ and their importance to the organisation being critiqued.  Part 2: Video Business Case Report (<1,500 words in total, including 300 words for the Executive Summary,  35%)  Incorporate feedback on Part 1 into the final version submitted.  C) Decision Criteria  As decision makers students will be expected to develop and use decision criteria to justify the choices  among the ‘Alternative’ courses of action.  D) Alternatives  From the decision criteria, develop a range of realistic alternatives to address the ‘Issues’ identified.  E) Solutions  Decide on a solution to the ‘Issues’ derived from the ‘Alternatives.’ For each ‘Alternative’, provide a  justification for the solutions chosen or rejected.  F) Implications  Provide realistic suggestions on how these ‘Solutions’ could be implemented in the organisation concerned

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