US Government (education, gun control, abortion ect….)

Term Paper Assignment/Information
Main thing is to have 2500 words and like has to have those section headings
Prepare a term paper pertaining to any policy issue and present competing arguments (pros/cons), as well as your own opinions and conclusions regarding the issue. Your paper is required to include your first and last name, course and paper title, date, have a minimum of 2,500 words and include a minimum of two references.
Include and address the following section headings (these section headings are required): 1. Introduction, 2. Background Information, 3. Analysis/Competing Arguments (pro/con), 4. Observations and Recommended Policy Changes, 5. Conclusion, and 6. References (identify a minimum of two different references [i.e. text book and other books, interview, web site, newspaper, survey, etc.]).

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