US History to 1865 Project – Historical Tourism in San Antonio

For this project, you need to visit a historic site in San Antonio that is related to US history prior to 1865. I would recommend Mission Valero/the Alamo, Mission San Juan, Mission, San José (this one is great because it has the visitors center and film), Mission Concepción, Mission Espada, or Casa Navarro. I want you to do a little research on the site before you go.
In a 2-3 page paper (double-space, 12 point font), address the following questions. What story does the site tell? Do you find any inaccuracies at the site? Are there biases present in the stories that are told? Are there people’s stories that are neglected, ignored, or overemphasized? Who is the intended audience? What is the key point that the site is trying to make to its audience? What type of evidence do the sites use to tell their stories? (primary documents, archaeological artifacts, recreations, etc.) I encourage you to be analytical and critical (not necessarily negative). You can begin with a summary of the site and then address these questions.
Be sure to cite all information whether quoted or paraphrased. You may use the National Park Service website to gather more information or the Casa Navarro website. In addition, you must use one other secondary source for your essay. It needs to be a book or e-book. For citation style, go to blackboard and look at the citation style guide and then the Chicago Style tab. You need to use footnotes and follow the examples for the notes rather than the bibliography entries. If you find a book through the university library website, you can click on a little tab that says cite/export. Then choose either Chicago style or Turabian. This will provide the citation for your footnote!

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