use emirates airline, lufthansa and us airline as a examples

Paper details:report- maximum marks allocated 20%

learning outcome : Assess the regional and worldwide industry “procurement trends “ in the Aviation industry

Your manager now asks you to write a short report to assess the methods of negotiating a performance based contract when procuring goods and services in the aviation industry .
You should include the following in your professionally produced report:

Definition of a performance based contract and the advantages and disadvantages associated with it. 5 marks

Explain the competencies required for a successful negotiator 5 marks

Analyse the steps and activities involved in the management of a negotiation to buy jet fuel for an airline in the a) Preaward phase, b) Award phase and c) Postaward phase. 5 marks

Assess the source selection criteria and attributes by which a buyer selects a seller or a source of supply for products or services. 5 marks

You will need to assess the current trends and explain the detailed processes in negotiations to procure goods and services in the airline industry.

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