Identify a curriculum innovation utilizing mobile devices in online or traditional classroom education for K-12, higher education, or adult education. Prepare a voice narrated slide show as part of a presentation to teachers in your chosen area convincing them that mobile technology is an innovative approach that will benefit the school, institution, or class. Provide documentation of this innovation from current literature in the field. Explain the proper application, how it is set up by the teacher/professor, and how you would evaluate successful implementation. In anticipation that there are arguments against change and the use of mobile devices in the classroom, part of your presentation and slides will talk about those top concerns and your responses to them – as a way to alleviate the fears and concerns they will have. Your job is to promote the use of mobile devices in the classroom, so you need to be ahead of the curve in convincing them, thus preparing ahead of time in this slide show for opposition. Please use pictures, and examples in slide show. Title page , introduction, body(paragraphs and color pictures), conclusion, and reference page (5 references).

Please let me know if you are unable to use your voice. If not please type out what is to be said for each slide for me to record. Please use a tool that can be modified, edit, or re recorded.

Provide citations for your slides and a reference slide at the end of the slide show.

Please submit few days early incase adjustments are needed or help with edit required. Movie Maker is suggested.

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