Introduction: Organization Background and Context 
For your selected organization, discuss:  the industry/industries in which it competes  its products and/or services  the distribution channels it uses to get its products and services to its customers  its competition, especially in terms of customer service approached.

2. Analysis of Customer Service Behaviors 
2.1 Analysis of Organizational Systems, Policies &Culture  
Does it have a customer centric organization culture? Why or why not?  
Is it providing sufficient resources for customer service?  
Are its policies customer friendly?  
Does it have a proper reward system in place?  
Does it have a good quality control system in place? 
2.2 Analysis of Individual Actions  
What behaviors of the front-line people matter the most?  
How does it train and empower front-line people to better serve customers?
3. Analysis of the Use of Data and Technology for Customer Service 
Is the organization mining data to personalize its offerings?  
How is it using social media and technology to better serve its customers?  
How is it collecting customer feedback? 
Is that productive?
Is it using the negative feedback to its benefit? How?  
How is it dealing with customer churn or employee churn? 
Is it trying to boost retention and loyalty? How?
4. Analysis of Customer Turn offs  
What are the real customer turnoffs?
Is the organization aware of the real customer turnoffs? 
How is it handling them? How should it handle them?  
Are data and technology being employed to help minimize customer turnoffs? How?  What do customers expect from the organization? 
Is it able to meet or exceed those expectations?
5. Recommendations  
What recommendations would you make for your selected company to improve its customer service? Be specific. 
How do you propose those recommendations be implemented?
If your recommendations are successfully implemented, what do you expect would be the consequences for the organization and its customers? 
6. Conclusion
In this section you should synthesize all the facts, opinions, and analyses you have presented and offer your conclusions about customer service at your selected organization.
7. References (Works Cited)
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