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Watch this video link The Corporation
This video provides an example of viewing organization and their communication through the critical approach.
Discuss the main concerns of the critical approaches to organizations? What are some of the limitations of the critical perspective? Share examples from the film that highlight your ideas.

Watch the following video, which is about Obsessive Compulsive and Related Disorder – and
answer questions depending on the video and the attached file.
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Related Disorder

1. Provide a summary of the video you watched.
2. Discuss three things that stood out to you regarding the disorder the show explored.
3. According to what you saw, what would your diagnosis of the Client be? (use DSM-S
codes) – ( look at attachments)
What observations did you make of the Client that supports your diagnosis
provide a rationale for your diagnosis, considering alternative diagnoses
What other information do you need to be sure of your diagnosis?
4. Discuss your opinion ofhow the disorder was portrayed in the show.
5. How might you work as a social worker with a person with this condition in practice
i.e., assessment and treatment strategies?


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