I’m not native English speaker and my professor knows, so i don’t want the paper looks very professional and writer should use easy vocab. the paper instructions are below:

Watergate Paper: Due Monday, February 27, 2017


5 pages, double spaced—5 pages does not include a title page (if there is one) or a works cited page.

Elements your paper must include:

Mark Felt: Who is he and what were his motives (reasons) for doing what he did?

What were some of the methods and tactics used by Woodward and Bernstein? The movie we watched, All the President’s Men, did touch on this but there will be a lot more that you will find in your research. Would a reporter get fired today for doing some of the things they did during the Watergate investigation?

How many improper activities was the Nixon administration actually committing?

How successful would Woodward and Bernstein have been if they had “played by the rules?”

What actions did the Nixon administration take to combat (discredit or hide) the truth from the American public?

Include your final opinion of Woodward and Bernstein’s actions and results. You should use the answers to the questions assigned as the basis for a good portion of this paper.

The paper should be formatted in AP style, with APA style accepted. If you need help with properly citing sources the website below is a really good resource.


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