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*Requirementthere is unfinished work of .aspx and database tables.your task is redesign the page. right now it looks very boring.make it look cleaner.on tables, currently it’s not 3NF(BCNF). make adjustment so it becames bcnf.(for god sake, do something about shopping page tables. it just looks awful.user registration currently accept duplicate name and email. fix it so it doesn’t accept duplicate value.overall, this is polishing job of half way done product must be running without error. submit er diagram and tables in word file too so i can see what changes you have made.incomplete or non working stuff won’t be accepted.all database files(tables) are done in microsoft sql and page designs are done in visual studio.remain the same format. please don’t just import all the tables on microsoft sql to visual studio coztables must be remained in microsoft sql.Assignment.rar

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