What do we mean when we say that England is a Common Law country?

Topic: What do we mean when we say that England is a Common Law country?

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This assessment is designed to test your knowledge and understanding of the topics covered in 3ls and your ability to use that knowledge. In general terms, you will earn marks based on the following criteria:

– a demonstration of an understanding of the question
– clarity of expression and good use of English
– clarity of expression in presenting the issues
– clarity of analysis of the issues
– a logical progression of issues and arguments towards a conclusion
– demonstration of having thought about the question
– demonstration of having planned the essay carefully
– evidence of having attempted to produce an individual and original answer
– adherence to the terms of the assessment
– marks will be allocated to the quality of the plan and to whether or not students adhered to their plan

– identify the topic and particular field to be discussed and stick to it
– introduce the topic in an opening paragraph to explain that you understand what you are being asked
– use some key cases/references to statutes where appropriate and relevant; however, you are not expected to follow the OSCOLA system of referencing in an exam; for cases, references in the format (eg) McQuaker v Goddard (following the convention that handwritten references to cases should be underlined) is fine.

– give lengthy repetition of the facts of cases
– refer to cases etc without any explanation as to how they relate to your answer

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