What is Labour Studies?

About 600 words

Due: Upon completion of Unit 1

Hint: Think about Assignment 1 before you begin working through Unit 1.

Instructions: Write a short essay on each of the three topics given below. Each essay should be about 200 words in length.
Essay Topics

What is “labour”? How can it be defined and which different meanings can it have?
Workers, labour activists, and labour scholars each have their own labour experiences. In which ways are these experiences different, and in which ways are they related to each other?
What do you want from the course? Have you participated in any activism? What labour experiences of your own or someone you know contribute to your wanting to take this course?

Answers the question in a clear, accurate, logical, and comprehensive manner. Where appropriate, gives examples to illustrate points being made.
Format, Mechanics

Where external sources are referred to, they are appropriately identified and cited according to an established academic style. Note: This course has been prepared using the APA style for citations and in-text references. You may find the course materials useful in modeling this style, but you may use a different citation style if you wish, as long as you use it correctly.
Grammar, spelling, and sentence structure are used correctly.
Style is appropriate for a university-level course.

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