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Extra Credit and Make Up Essay Assignment

For your make up paper assignment, you will investigate in depth the formal elements of a film, its narrative style and its relationship to a stylistic tradition. Please select one of the styles discussed in class and listed below and choose a film that is commonly understood to be part of that filmmaking tradition – it must be different from the film we screened in class as an example of that style. The best resource to find titles is the Bordwell and Thompson textbook or IMDB. You may choose a different film by a director whose work we have seen. Once you have decided which film you will discuss, please notify the instructor via email to receive approval for your topic. Failure to notify the instructor will result in your grade being reduced.

Choose a film that utilizes one of the following styles discussed in class:

Art Cinema

Classic Hollywood Style

Documentary (as a Style)


French New Wave




Post-Classical Hollywood Style


Realism and/or Neo-Realism


Third Cinema

Discuss how the film you have chosen is both representative of, and different from the idealized version of the style and its known features. While discussing your film in terms of both visual technique and narrative structure, analyze its relationship to the stylistic tradition from which the film emerges and how it can be understood in relation to dominant modes of filmmaking. For example, how is Breathless as an exemplary instance of the French New Wave as The 400 Blows? In what ways does Bicycle Thieves embody the paradigm by which scholars have defined Italian Neo-Realism as it was popularized by Rome, Open City? How does Bicycle Thieves conform to our sense of what a Neo-Realist film is supposed to be? In what ways does it fail to exemplify the paradigm? How is it similar and different from a hypothetical, perfect version of the style? We’ve seen how Douglas Sirk used melodrama in Magnificent Obsession – how does he approach it in Imitation of Life? Finally, you should investigate how the director is utilizing the film’s formal properties in service of larger themes. What is the filmmaker trying to say and why have they chosen to shoot the film in this manner?

Regardless of which film and styles you choose, you should thoroughly investigate the chosen film’s visual technique and narrative style. How do film form and content work together to construct the ‘meaning’ of the film? Your paper will be incomplete, and you will not have fulfilled the assignment, if you limit your analysis to either story analysis or examination of filmic technique.

For the sake of time and brevity, please do not summarize the plot! A recounting of the action of the film without an accompanying analysis will result in a poor grade.

Please be aware that there is a zero tolerance policy regarding plagiarism. Written work that is plagiarized will result in immediate failure; if you copy even one sentence from the Internet, you will receive an F for this assignment, making it unlikely that you will receive a passing grade for the course. No excuses will be accepted. If you have any questions about citing someone else’s work, please notify the instructor before submitting your essay. All essays must be uploaded to Safe Assign before they are handed in; failure to do so may result in delay in receiving a grade for the course. You must also bring a hard copy with you to the final exam.