Find a published white tailed deer management plan online.

Then, prepare a 10 page analysis paper (text must be 10 pages, cover sheet and Lit Cited sections do not count), that 1) summarizes the management plan, 2) provides a critique or review of the plan, and 3) outlines your recommendations and student learning points for this assignment.

This analysis of the plan REQUIRES that you support your recommendations and conclusions about the feasibility of the actions presented in the plan with published literature. At least 5 published journal articles (not web resources) must be used to demonstrate that you have a scientific foundation for your conclusions.

Some questions to think about as you write your student learning point: What do you think of the management approach? What have you learned about wildlife management this semester? Be sure to use proper APA format and citation style.

Tell me something interesting and enlightening that you learned!

Suggested Outline:
I. Introduction
II. Description of the Management Plan, species and habitats covered, etc.
III. Management Actions (from the Plan)
IV. Analysis
V. Conclusions
VI. Student Learning Point
VII. References

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