Who I am

Who I am?

I am Ms.Matos, I was born in Augostinho Nero Hospital on Jan 16 , 1996.
I grew up with 4 siblings, big family , my parents were married but got divorced when I was 8 years old. 4 full siblings , 2 step siblings. My parents had 4 kids together. My brother Dalton who is 30 now , his single, he owns his owns car shop but he lives in Praia Cape Verde, my sister who is 27 she’s the supervisor at the maids cleaning service & a mom of 3 boys, she was married at age of 18 but now divorce because of long distance relationship. My middle brother Milton is 24, his single , he works with recycling services. While my parents were married my father had 2 affairs with 2 different women’s and had 2 children outside of the marriage, who is my brother Ruben who is 19 and single. And my sister Pamela who is 17. After I turned 12 I had to leave to country and my family to immigrated to the us for a better life. I came here to leave with my father and all my full siblings came with me and half siblings.

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