Who runs the street?

In your response, consider:
Who Coates is referring to as “the brothers who claim to “run,” and “own,” the city”
Why they believe they run the streets
Why Coates does not believe “the brothers who claim to “run,” much less “own,” the city”
Who Coates believes runs the streets instead and the reasons he gives for his beliefs
Who you believe runs the streets
Evidence to support your beliefs

Your essay should be at least two pages typed and double spaced.
As you know, I like concise writing. Do not add superfluous “fluff” to pad your paper.


You must use at least 4 different sources, and include a bibliography and in-text citations in MLA style. (Coates, p. 22)

Use the book, at least 2 of these sources, and any other sources of your choosing. You must have a total of at least four sources.
The Racist Housing Policy that Made Your Neighborhood
The Underpolicing of Black America
The Ugly History of Racist Policing in America
FBI.gov About Gangs
Mass Incarceration

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