Women In The Military

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Women In The Military
Feminist Majority Condemns Push to Resegregate Military Training as a Giant Step Backwards for Women

In their signed testimony opposing gender-segregated basic military training, the Feminist Majority Foundation and other national women’s rights organizations claim that issues of sexual harassment are now being used to distance women from their goal of equality in the U.S. military.
In Memory of the Women Serving in the Military


This site remembers the women who gave their lives in U.S. military service.
Women in the Military

This site provides links to a number of resource sites for researching women in the military.
Women in Military Service for America Memorial


This site offers information about the living memorial that honors military women from the past, present, and future.
Women’s Military History


Undelete.org is a nonprofit organization “dedicated to telling the stories of women whose contributions have been ignored or minimized in traditional histories.” The section on women in the military offers interesting information on women in combat, as spies, and as prisoners of war; it also looks at representations of military women in film, television, and advertising.
The Women’s Research and Education Institute

The Women’s Research and Education Institute takes an in-depth look at women in the military.

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