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Choose 2 procedures in your workplace about which there are issues. It might be that you observe:
• A variation in practice in a procedure
• An element of non-compliance with a procedure
• A general feeling that the procedure is unpopular
• The procedure does not seem fit for purpose.
Once you have chosen your procedures, you should reflect on your chosen procedures, examining them using a mixture primary and secondary research, so as to critically analyse it and suggest improvements. We suggest you include the following for your chosen procedures. (NB. This is not a template to follow, simply a guide on what you might consider including.):
• Briefly describe the procedures
• Critically evaluate them regarding their effectiveness for all stakeholders who are involved in their implementation. This might include:
o Why does this procedure exist? (E.g. legal requirement, management control, quality)
o What policy (or policies) lies behind it?
o Does it reflect best practice?
o Is it fit for purpose or are there times when it causes tension or unnecessary work?
o Is the procedure adequate for all situations? Or do staff have to make judgements?
o Is there tension between the procedure and other practices?
o Is compliance with the procedure monitored? If so, how?
o What are the consequences for staff of not following the procedure?
o If the procedure is not followed, what are the reasons for this?
• Seek to clearly identify gaps between procedures and practice, suggesting reasons for these.
• Draw conclusions as to the impact on the business of your chosen procedures in their current form
• Make recommendations for their improvement, including a consideration of the costs involved in implementing these plus the benefits that would potentially be achieved.
• Explore if you believe, on balance, these improvements would offer value to your organisation.
Your report should be 2000 words (+/- 10%) and contain a title/cover page, a contents page, numbered headings (underlined or in bold), page numbers, an executive summary and recommendations. All references must follow Harvard referencing conventions and a reference list should be included at the end of your report. You should include evidence of primary and secondary research in the appendices. Your cover and contents pages, executive summary, references, and appendices are not included in the word count limits.
Please ensure that your analysis is intelligently supported by a minimum of two models, concepts or theories from the WBL tutorials. One of these must be some aspect related to the concept control. However, the other two or more models/concepts/theories can be any of those studied during this year’s WBL unit, e.g. e.g. Taylor, Weber, Quality, Skinner, questions of legalities, etc.
NB. You can use theories we have not covered, but these will not count towards your minimum two models/concepts/theories.

Additional Information
Learning Outcomes:
LO3 Analyse the effectiveness of organisational policy in terms of management theory.
Early Career/ World Class Professional Skills (PLOs being assessed or developed)/Assessed.

Programme learning outcomes are referred to as professional skills for clarity for students, they will build portfolio of skills from level 4 through to L6 as will L7 and L8 students from the start of their programmes. For all levels refer to the Profe1-Discussion of functional model: black box functionality, apparent key subfunctions,
reflection on what the modeling process has revealed about the

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