Topic: working with others

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the learning outcome listed below is the guideline you need to use to structure the essay also following the essay criteria. the eassay as to be based on my clinical setting , therefore i currently work at moorfields eye hospital as an Ophthalmic Technician. therefore the essay has to force on that. also use quoting and referencing both beginning and ending of any paragraph. the reference as to be Harvard standard and 17 reference. i will like to receive in the afternoon on the 12th of April
Summative assessment
Assessment task: Reflect on and analyse the development of your role in a work team or group and how that development has improved the quality of service delivery, with regards to multi-professional teams and partnership working.

Weighting: 100%
1. Demonstrate how co-operative working aids identification and achievement of objectives including individual responsibilities within the work of groups.

2. Analyse factors that influence effective team working and so affect service delivery

3. Examine the validity of existing team or group processes and offer constructive recommendations to improve effectiveness

4. Demonstrate an understanding of the leadership role and relationship of the role to the management of others in a group or team.

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