Participant: Maxine

Age range: you decide — example early adulthood (20–40 yrs.) to middle adulthood (40–60 yrs.).

Maxine has experienced increased anxiety since her promotion to supervisor. She is currently responsible for supervising a work group of 30 people. Her employer noticed that she has been irritable and short tempered upon promotion.

Questions to use to guide your response:

What are the main features of Maxine’s cognitive, social, biological, and psychosocial development during two developmental periods?

Which therapeutic interventions would you suggest for helping her to reduce her irritability and anger?

What predictions would you make concerning some developmental issues that might contribute to the issue or prevent treatment from working?

Case Study Suggested Format and Strategies


Begin by selecting two developmental periods (remember that they need to be consecutive) and research the typical expectations for cognitive, social, moral, and biological development. Then conduct research using a peer-reviewed journal such as Developmental Psychology or Child Development to determine what kinds of developmental problems might arise in your chosen scenario.

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