There is nothing new under the sun”

– So said King Solomon who was famous for his wise sayings. But how true is that assertion based on the 3000 years of history that have passed since it was written? Students are required to examine the pros and cons of the statement in the light of World Business History, social and economic patterns and provide a conclusion in support or opposition to the King Solomon’s assertion. In order to clearly demonstrate the argument, the assignment should provide examples of three events from different periods of history in support of their argument and there should be a clear theme – political systems, inventions, social issues, wars etc. This will enable students to maintain focus and build a cohesive argument.

Students are strongly advised to submit a short outline to the tutor for approval before commencing work on the assignment.

Note – a minimum of 6 academic sources, suitably referenced in Harvard style are required in order to eligible for a Pass in this assignment. More sources and evidence of wider reading, will contribute to a higher score.

According to IBS Regulations, submissions that do not include full Harvard in-text referencing and a Bibliography will be rejected.

Format and timing

3000 words (not including cover page, contents page. bibliography and appendix, all of which are required however)

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