Please see attached files for detailed instruction, tips on book review, and sample book review.

Experienced history writer required, preference given to one who is very familiar with World War 2. You absolutely must follow Chicago citation style to the highest standard.

Please note the instructions indicate to use 3 or 4 books. You may use 3 or 4, it doesn’t matter too much to me. I prefer the very best quality regardless.

You must use the following book:
The Lost Children: Reconstructing European Families after World War II (by Tara Zahra)

That book must be one of the 3/4 that you use. I will not release final payment if that book is not one of the ones that you reviewed. Each book that you use MUST be non-fiction, it must be a book written and easily available in English, and less than 800 pages in length.

Please choose your other books carefully. My topic is post-World War 2 displaced persons. Find other reputable and SCHOLARLY books on this topic. Ones that are similar to and build off of Zahra’s book are a priority. Try to stick to this topic.

Let me know what books you are using in advance. I will ask you for the books you are using if you do not tell me.

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