WR 2: Assignment

WR 2: Assignment
Refutation Assignment: Contemporary Media and Memory—
Towards the end of his essay on “Noise of the Marketplace” Burgin critiques Bernard Stiegler for describing contemporary media as an authoritarian and totalitarian force. Burgin argues that while Steigler is right on some accounts, he is wrong on others.
In other words, Burgin’s refutation does not dismiss Stiegler’s account, but marks places of disagreement. Burgin argues that while major media channels are indeed controlled and run by a few major corporations, and while the cinematic and televisual images we see from early childhood to the adulthood are to a great extent predetermined, our unconscious processing of these images is individual and differentiated.

For this assignment, locate three scholarly sources that speak to Burgin’s argument. I have included three of my own as starting point for you, and you are free to use these in your analysis, or to find your own. Your analysis should include a summary of Burgin’s refutation, as well as evidence and examples from other scholarly sources in support or in refutation with Burgin of argument. In the next few weeks, until the assignment is due, I will be asking you to do pre-writing, source evaluation and analysis exercises, and these will help you with the first draft of your paper.

Your paper should be five pages long, double -paced and follow MLA style guidelines. Include a works cited list and use in text citations when you borrow directly, paraphrase or summarize a source. The assignment is due on February 20rd and you will need to submit it through Turnitin. I will go over the submission process with you in class.
Prewriting: Annotations & source evaluations, reading responses, free writing, outlines, etc.
Week 4,5
Draft 1—February 17
(Written portion: 3 pages minimum, including notes and in-text citations but not bibliography.)
Week 5

Final & Graded Submission—February 22 rd
(Written portion: 5 pages minimum, including notes and in-text citations but not bibliography.)
Week 6

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