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For this assignment, you will write an email (approximately 450-600 words) explaining the outlook of your career field. The requirements for this assignment are explained in the sections below.Assignment Steps:
1. Use the sections (described below) to develop your email in a Word document (or similar software).
2. After your email is polished and complete, upload the Word document into the Career Overview Email dropbox on D2L.

Sections and Information
The assignment must include the following information and sections (NOTE: Do not confuse “sections” with “paragraphs”):
I. Subject line:
• Include a subject line at the top of your document
• The subject line MUST refer to the topic in the email (NOT the assignment or course)
II. Introduction:
• Casual, yet professional salutation
Define the topic of the email and/or reason for writing the email

III. Body:
• Demand for the next 5-10 years
• Salary information—Including starting salary and top-of-scale salary
(see salary.com or payscale.com)
• Outline of the duties and responsibilities (must include information on business communications skills needed for the job)
• Research a company: Provide company name and website address/URL, discuss product/service offered by the company, identify one job for which the company hires new college graduates, and state the key qualifications for this position. (TIP: Print off the job profile for an entry-level position from the website, so you have it handy as you write your email.)
• Review the entry-level job profile and complete a list of the compatibility between your qualifications and the company and job requirements
• Compile a list of 2-4 significant weaknesses (i.e., lack of a match between your qualifications as they relate to the job requirements) AND discuss possible strategies for overcoming each deficiency

IV. Conclusion:
• Give a sense of closure or summary
• State what was learned or the value of the research to you personally
• List at least three credible sources readers can use to learn about the career

V. Signature File:
• Name (typed, not signed)
• School-related organization or leadership title
• Major-specific business school information
• Email address
• LinkedIn profile URL (in LinkedIn, click “Profile” and then under your photo you’ll see your public URL, such as: www.linkedin.com/in/username)
Citations and Sources
The text of the email must also include in-text citations as well as ethical summaries and quotations. For example, you might include sources in parentheses after a sentence OR write, “According to Salary.com, the average…” as a way to informally site your information.

Here are some websites that can help you start your research:
• www.bls.gov/oco
• www.salary.com
• www.iseek.org
• www.payscale.com

Additional Requirements
The assignment must include:
• Appropriate formatting and tone of a business email
• Short, cohesive paragraphs
• Sections with descriptive subheads
• At least three typographical devices for emphasis (such as: bullet listing, bold, ital., etc.)
• Transitions between ideas/sentences (such as: In addition, Conversely, Similarly, First, Second, etc)

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