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instructions:Transportation/tourism issue article review
Assignment: It is a requirement for this course to write a review about a current article focusing on a transportation problem, issue or event. The purpose of this assignment is to familiarize you with the ongoing, visible and often controversial nature of transportation planning.
Format: The assignment is to answer the six questions in the content / evaluation section. Please label the answers in your paper and keep in mind the grade will be determined on how well you answer the questions. Please submit the soft copy of the completed assignment via Laulima. You must also turn-in the article you review in order to receive credit. Reviews without attached articles will not be accepted.

Page limit: 2 pages, excluding the title page. Font: 12-point Times New Roman, double spaced.

Sources: You are encouraged to read an article regarding a transportation issue. You can access most local newspapers online or you can perform a web search for a magazine article. There are also many magazines and websites that contain good articles. Please note that you will not be allowed to review any articles assigned to you to read during the term for this assignment. It is best to choose in-depth, longer articles rather than short ones, which will lack detail and substance. It is also a good idea to start looking for articles now.

Content / evaluation: Include and number the following (1-6) in your report:

1. Cover page: (5 points) Must contain a title, the course name and number, date, and your name.
2. Issues: (15 points) What are the issues covered in the article? Why did you choose this topic?
3. Scope: (10 points) What is the geographic scope [there may be more than one] of the issue (ex. neighborhood, town/city, regional, state, national, international)?
4. Participants: (30 points) Identify major participants in the issue. Is more than one government or agency involved? What role do the citizens play? Is the atmosphere one of coordination or antagonism between the participants?
5. Tools: (20points) Describe and explain how the article uses at least two management tools and/or techniques in dealing with the issue?
6. Outcome: (20points) Based on the nature and the magnitude of the issue and the participants involved, predict the possible outcomes. Support your predictions as best as you can; this is an opinion, so be analytical!

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