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using The topic: Can Ban Food Ads Prevent Childhood Obesity?
In this paper of 1,250–1,750 words, you will clearly assert a position on the issue you have selected (your “thesis statement”), defend it evidence from your research, and address at least one counterargument to your position.
This is a research paper, and you are expected to support your argument using scholarly and other high-quality evidence. All claims and concepts should be attributed to a source. At a minimum, you must make substantial and accurate use of three scholarly sources in constructing your argument, though you may use different ones than in your annotated bibliography assignment if you wish. You may also supplement scholarly sources with evidence drawn from other kinds of sources (for example, information from industry and NGO groups) that help introduce your topic or make your case. TS/IS chap. 17 covers how to write a research paper in social science disciplines like communication studies.
You are also expected to address and refute a potential counterargument to your position at some point in your paper. See TS/IS chap. 6 on introducing counterarguments.
Cite all direct quotations and paraphrases of ideas drawn from your research using in-text citations (see Chicago Author-Date style). If you do not adequately cite your sources, you are committing plagiarism, a severe offence against academic integrity. Some examples to avoid may be found here. At the end of your paper, include full bibliographic information for all sources that you actually cite in your paper (under the heading “Works Cited”), as well as any other sources you read that informed your argument, even if you didn’t cite them (under the heading “Works Consulted”).
• Respect the word limits: 1,250–1,750 words (not including bibliographies at the end).
Make sure that your position on the topic is clear and consistent throughout. You may wish to frame your essay in response to a particular case or example, but ensure that you address the broader, fundamental issues in contention as well.

• Think carefully about how your organize your paper: what does the reader need to know about the topic? What order should the arguments come in?
• Remember to raise and refute a genuine counterargument to your position somewhere in the paper.
• Ensure that you provide evidence to support all claims that you make: how can we know what you are saying is true?
• Cite all of your sources!

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