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Moral Virtue and Moral Vice the 21st Century
Virtue and Moral Vice the 21st Century
the long hours and underpay lead to issues. 
we move deeper into the 21st Century, is there any ways to correct this in your
local areas?
Suggestions? Wal-Mart is a American
institution.  Wal-Mart also occupies a
unique position in our globe, by virtue of its size, reach and also responsibility
for the livelihoods of millions of
workers, and the needs of billions of consumers. In addition to overwhelming
influence comes certain moral responsibilities.

Wal-mart is a American
institution having well over 2.1 million employees.
Wal-Mart also occupies a unique
position in our world by virtue of its size, reach and responsibility for the
livelihoods of millions of workers and the needs of billions of consumers. And
with such overwhelming influence comes certain moral responsibilities. (A Handshake
with Sam, n.d.).
The business
world is facing many issues since the beginning. The underpay issue is one of
the main issues that leads the workforce to rise against its own management.
Although, the emerging strategies of the business world needs more virtue
actions than vice but it’s practically not implemented. The moral virtues are
hard to implement but their results are long lasting. The issues are also
increasing as the awareness increased about the rights of the employees. It is
not possible to change the business system within few years, as its the game of
decades. The thing we can do is to implement the essential changes on local
basis and spread the awareness in this global village. There are few
suggestions to improve the situation at local community first:
Announce bonuses
and appraisal programs for those employees who contribute to moral values of
the firm as well. Award “Hero of the Month/Year” to successful employee which
Walmart took away from it’s employees recently. Walmart can do what is right for the employees
instead of putting themselves first. Virtue
always pays and vice is always punished, and always through natural mechanisms rather
than by the action of any outside authority, much less divine authority. (Schwitzgebel, 2014).
Change at Walmart. (n.d.). Retrieved August 11, 2014, from walmartwatch.com/wp-
Schwitzgebel, E. (2014, March 20). The Bait-and-Switch Blurring of
Moral and Prudential in the World of. Retrieved August 11, 2014,
from http://schwitzsplinters.blogspot.com/2014/03/the-bait-and-switch-blurring-of-moral.html
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