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I wanna apply master major of Teaching English as a Second Language/ Applied Linguistics.The MA in Teaching English as a Second Language/ Applied Linguistics is a two-year advanced degree covering teaching methods and research in English language teaching

B. Our MA program in TESL/Applied Linguistics is for students with some teaching experience who intend to make a career in the field. Classes equip students with marketable skills by encouraging them to specialize in particular areas: CALL, language assessment, ESP, literature, and literacy, all with a focus on the use of instructional technology.
For applying this major, I need writer a 10 pages writing sample. The writing sample must be excellent.
? Writing sample(s) are required from all applicants according to these program specifications.  They are to be uploaded as supplemental documents into the online application system.  All writing samples are to be double-spaced.
MA English, RCPC, and TESL/AL:  Expository writing sample (8-20 double-spaced pages) demonstrating critical analysis and research skills in the intended major.  Applicants typically submit an essay they produced for an undergraduate or graduate course in English or a related field.

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