Written ReportOrder Instructions:
This question aims to assess students’ understanding of the marketing concept and the depth and range of matters with which it is concerned.

You are required to develop a marketing plan for one of the following charities (NGO’s): OXFAM, Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) or CANCER RESEARCH UK. The objective of the plan is to raise awareness and raise additional funds.

The marketing plan should include:

1. Situation Analysis
2. Identification of segmentation, key target audience and positioning (STP)
3. Clarification of the objectives
4. Setting strategy
5. Specifying tactics and action required (Marketing Mix 7P’s)
6. Means to measure performance (control)

The use of appendices to detail the analysis is recommended and summarised within the report itself. Appendices are excluded from the word count.

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