Word limit
Your answer to the question should be 1500 words. (+/- 10%). Provided that no text appears in the footnotes these do not count in the word limit. Divide your words according to the marks allocated to the questions (ie each question should be assigned the same number of words). (375 EACH Q )

Referencing must comply with the Australian Guide to Legal Citation with one exception – all quotations, including indented quotations, must be in double quotation marks (ie “”) (this is to satisfy Turnitin).

Assessment format
Choose four questions from the e-Book and answer the question. Questions are equally
weighted so choose carefully. Evidence of understanding of the presentation and the reading from the relevant topic is required. Some research is expected.
a. Each question must come from a different Subtopic (eg 2.4 Water Diversion and Conservation is a Subtopic. 4.1 Administration of Water in Victoria is a Subtopic).

b. There may be no more than one question from each Part (eg Part 2 The Landscape of Australian Water Policy is a Part. Part 4 Water Management in Victoria is a Part).

c. Do not choose the same topic area as you intend to cover in your essay. This is to ensure that you have covered a reasonable range of material and not concentrated on one section of the subject.

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