Discussion Question: You are either an Egyptian priest or priestess of Bastet, a member of the Egyptian Royal Family, a scribe

in charge of grain supplies, or a farmer in Ancient Egypt. You are writing a letter to the Vizier, the highest ranking officer in the

Egyptian government, explaining how the cat, the last domesticated animal in Western culture, is a central feature of your life.

Include what the cat means to you as a person, how it is critical to your economic existence, and its role as a religious symbol.

Discuss what the cat?s overall role is in Egyptian culture. Remember to address the Vizier as ?My Lord Vizier? and to explain

who you are (obviously a prince or princess of Egypt is above the Vizier socially, a farmer or scribe is beneath his dignity, a

priest is a social equal?so adjust your tone as necessary), and end the letter with your title and EGYPTIAN name (look one

up?Fred, Ahmed, Nguyen, or Julie are NOT Egyptian names).

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