You?re a guest invited to a meeting with company named Prime Controls that is mainly operated in the US Double Sheet Detection market. You?ve been asked to do an 8 pages research paper (exclude front and citation page) on how to help them break into Chinese market to expand Prime Controls? market share. APA format. Below is a letter of intent that you promised to address in the paper. You will be able to find some useful notes of the meeting that could you help you outline the paper.

Prime Control Meeting Notes:
Tab and Shell Detection
? Food Industry?pop/beer/soup cans
Metal Sensing?Double Sheet Detection
? Used in Automotive and Appliance Industries

Project Needs: Break into China with Double Sheet Detection
China Automotive Market
? China
o Market to Tier 1 companies who provide parts and products to auto manufacturers for assembly
How to enter into the Asian Market
? Getting word out about the Products
o Who can help with that
? Marketing agency
? Sales Rep company
? They help market and distribute your product
? Another Surrogate who help market/deliver products to customers

Look for possible contacts/sales rep companies to help market and talk about product

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