You have already gathered a fair amount of material for your research project, and this week we (however briefly) discussed documenting sources and APA format. For this week, gather some/all of your research and draft one perfect APA-format page that captures the best, clearest version of your work to date: a one-page Week 5 version of the final project (you’ll have a second page of sources as well).

Then in a second page, reflect on the process so far. Appraise the experiences you have gone through as you have further studied the research process, specifically the documentation and analysis of exploratory research: compose a short, one-page reflection essay in which you illustrate and analyze your own experiences, using detailed examples to support your observations. Consider the following:
•What was your muddiest point in the unit?
•What “ah-hah” moments did you experience?
•What aspect of the unit did you feel most confident performing?
•What aspect of the unit did you feel least confident performing?
•How will you apply the outcomes of this unit to the rest of the course?

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