Please read the attachment below, “Youth Suicide” (youth suicide.pdfPreview the documentView in a new window) written by David Hosansky. Please click on the link in parenthesis to access the article.
Summarize this article and based on the information from this source, the textbook and outside sources, support whether or not that antidepressant drugs reduce suicide rates (1000 words minimum; 4-7 pages, not including the bibliography section). Your essay must be compiled from information gathered by visiting the assigned website, reading assignments and independent research. You must include a bibliography section at the end of your essay. Please use current (year 2000 to the present) scholarly* references and cite them in your paper as well as on a reference/bibliography section that can demonstrate you have done independent research (this course textbook does not constitute independent research). To ensure the highest possible points, it is required that when you prepare your essays, that you relate your statements to the textbook, psychological principles, and other outside sources that can demonstrates independent research. Do not provide ONLY statements based solely on your opinion/experiences.

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