Zaha Hadid – architect with curves as strong as steel.

Zaha Hadid – architect with curves as strong as steel.
The purpose of this paper is to conduct in-depth research on a topic drawn from our discussions in class since the exam.

The paper is 5 pages in length, double-spaced with standard margins

Be aware that no matter what topic you choose, you must include discussions of specific architectural works in your paper and include those images as attachments or in the paper itself for reference.

You must conduct outside research for this paper. A minimum of three sources is required in your works cited. You may use scholarly journals, books or internet sources, but internet sources must be from credible site (NOT Wikipedia!). If you have questions about a source, you should ask me or a CCAD librarian for assistance. Plagiarism of any kind will result in a zero for the assignment. Plagiarism is not just the submission of directly quoted materials from a source as your own words, but also includes the submission of ideas, thoughts, or facts from a source as your own without acknowledgement in the form of a citation (footnote or endnote). Direct quotations should be put in quotation marks and accompanied by a citation (endnote or footnote). Any summary, paraphrasing, or use of a sources ideas or facts should also be accompanied by a citation. You must only use reputable sources or points will be deducted from the paper grade. If an internet source is used, it must be related to a reputable source such as a university or cultural institution such as a museum (helpful hint: websites affiliated with academic institutions end in .edu).

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