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March 23, 2020
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March 23, 2020
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Legal Issues to Remember during Recovery Operations

Grant is an important way to supplement your budget. They are particularly useful to ensure your agency is prepared to handle major incidents that may or may not happen, and so do not warrant the use of regular annual budget allocations.

This assignment is intended to familiarize learners with the process for grant applications. Watch the Grants.gov (2017) video playlist listed in Additional Resources. Find and apply for funding in the area where you work or have an interest. To accomplish this, you must go to the government grants webpage at http://www.grants.gov. Before applying for a grant, consult with your supervisor or professor to determine a need for funding. If you cannot find a grant related to your agency, select another.

Explore the tabs for Newest Opportunities, Browse Categories, Browse Agencies, and Browse Eligibilities on the Grants homepage. Use keyword searches, such as:

The name of your state
Law enforcement

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