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October 18, 2020
A charge of -3.55 nC and a charge of -5.65 nC are separated by a distance of 60. Find the position at which a third charge of +7.
October 18, 2020
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listen the podcast read the daily and make a essay

Essay Prompt:

12pt, times new roman, double space, 250~500 words about 1~2 pages

Listen to the following NYT podcast, The Daily, from their Feb. 19, 2019 episode:

“The Democrats and Israel” located at The Daily 链接到外部网站。

Link for The Daily…

If you need the transcript, find it here: Transcript 链接到外部网站。

Link for transcript…

After listening to the podcast, provide an explanation using one or more of the theories to explain the relationship of the US and the State of Israel as portrayed in the podcast. How has it evolved? Why? Depending on the theory you select to explain this example, what can you predict for the future relationship between the US and Israel? Ensure you explain the propositions of the theory you are using in your explanation. Ensure you cite specific examples from the podcast to justify your explanation. At a minimum, ensure you have a strong and identifiable thesis and two or three main points that support that thesis.


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