January 17, 2021
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January 17, 2021
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mr skaro scenario

Scenario: Davis Skaros has recently been promoted to production manager. He has just started to receive various managerial reports, including the production cost report you prepared. It showed his department had 2,000 equivalent units in ending inventory. His department has had a history of not keeping enough inventory on hand to meet demand. He has come to you, very angry, and wants to know why you credited him with only 2,000 units when he knows he had at least twice that many on hand.

APA format, cite references, and Input the questions above the answers please.

Wrtie Intro( 200-300 words)

After Intro – Explain to Mr. Skaros the history of his department not keeping enough inventory on hand

Explained to Mr. Skaros why his production cost report showed only 2,000 equivalent units in ending inventory.


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mr skaro scenario
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