Outline on Research Paper

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Research paper is a formal written report that includes research findings and a student's own ideas. Research paper is a type of essay which is written in your style. It presents your own interpretation or argument. Research papers are written to present your view point on a particular topic in front of your audience.

When you start thinking of a research paper first thing that comes into the mind is on what topic the research should be done. To find the topic read certain encyclopedias and reference books. Note down those topics that fascinate you the most. While choosing the topic, check that you have enough sources to collect information like books, online or scientific articles. Evaluate the topic before working on it. Research strategy is a plan of action that gives direction to your efforts, enabling you to conduct research systematically rather than haphazardly. The topic that is selected has adequate exposure. Main idea or point of view about the topic is clearly expressed.

After deciding on the topic, decide which source you are going to use the most.
Determine your set of audience. They should be informed audience and not the general public. Collect the sources that are written by experts and presented objectively. See to it that the source is comprehensive and objective rather than superficial or biased. Do evaluation on the information that it is balanced, accurate and fair. Do check that the writer's view point is clear and objective. Differing points of view are accredited. Consistent, accurate documentation is critical to good research. Try to document your sources. There are different documentation styles, but choose a specific style like MLA or APA. In MLA documentation style the works cited section is compulsory. Textual citations should also be there in the research paper. Footnotes and endnotes are citations which appear in the text.

Just check that the sentences have proper punctuations and written in a proper style. Just check that the paragraphs follow each other. In each paragraph sentences follow each other. Just see to it that the paper has a good introduction, and that the conclusion is logical. Check the style of writing like that each paragraph work together, and in paragraphs the sentences are well connected. Check that the language is specific and vivid. Do proof reading for spelling mistakes. Also prepare a bibliography for readers which can help them to find an exact location of all facts, ideas and quotations that are not your own.