January 17, 2021
For this Application Assignment, perform a cross-tabulation on the data provided in the handout quot;Week 10 Datasetquot; such that property crime…
January 17, 2021
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Pick a Topic: ( APA) need in 6 hours!

1): =====>Read like a detective. Do some general reading and research at the library. Then, think about the argument you wish to make. Make sure you are familiar with relevant and recent information on the topic. With argument-based research writing, you want sufficient, relevant, and credible information to put forth a strong argument and support it. Your source material will also be used to compose your annotated bibliography.

  1. Read the pre-writing instructions for the research paper below:

Your research paper will be an argument-based paper dealing with some element of an issue that you have chosen. Any position may be argued as long as you have credible evidence to support your argument and as long as it is an argument worth making.

Optional argument-based research paper topics:

1. Can cell phones be educational tools?

2. Should colleges fund wellness programs instead of sports?

3. What is more important: Our Privacy or National Security?

4. When do you become an adult?

5. Does buying and accumulating more and more items make us happier?

6. Cyber-bullying is less severe to school-aged students than physical bullying?

7. Is your generation more self-centered than earlier generations?

8. Are employees more productive in a virtual environment than an office?

9. Does age matter in a relationship?

10. Are computers changing the way people think?

11. Is private school tuition (elementary, high school or college) really worth it?

12. Government financial aid for students should be based solely on merit.

13. Should racial profiling be a legitimate law enforcement policy in some areas?

14. How do certain kinds of advertising perpetuate gender, racial, or religious stereotypes?

15. School students be screened for mental health concerns as a requirement for college admission?

2): ======> Now that you have selected your argument-based research topic, you should be ready to identify source material to support your argument and/or research question. Please view the attachment to help you identify and evaluate credible sources to support your research. You must identify a minimum of eight scholarly sources, four sources to support your argument and four sources that present opposition to your argument.

3): ======> After you have identified source materials, you will write a summary and a paraphrase for each source. Remember, the length of a summary is text dependent. A long scholarly article should reflect a longer summary. A short scholarly article will reflect a shorter summary. After you have written a summary for each article, you will write a paraphrase for the same article. Remember, the paraphrase and summary must be written in your own words.

In short, today’s assignment includes evaluating source material, making copies of those materials, paraphrasing the source materials and summarizing the source materials. Contact me if you have questions. Thank you!

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