1 Page . Introduction should include thesis (final recommendation)


2. Background on the NGO
• Mission of NGO
• When founded?
o Information on the founders
• Who runs the organization? How is it run?
• Where does it work? What does it do in those locations?
• How many people work there?

• financial information
3. Press
• Criticism of the organization
• Recent major news
• Criticism
4. Analysis–you should include both pros and cons
• pros–use information you presented in the background section–financials, hierarchy, etc.

• cons–use press information
5. Conclusion:
• Final Recommendation–think of isolating a few key reasons why you support/don’t support investment in the NGO
Why is it a publicly traded company?
Do you have to write pros and cons about the charity?
Is there always criticism of an NGO?
In what part of the essay do you write your opinion?

(1) Select an NGO
Is it interesting?
The one that offers the most information
Something that you care about
(2) Provide description of background of the NGO
How long it’s been around?
Any past controversy? How did they fix it?

Do they handle themselves well in public?
Trustworthy? Are they going to be around for awhile? Is money properly being spent (allocation)?
What does the NGO do?
(3) Research Criticism of the NGO
(4) Make a final recommendation about investing in the NGO—thesis
(5) Write annotated bibliography



Information to write about :

Background information
controversy around NGOs
history of the NGO (when was it founded?)
What does the NGO do? Mission statement
Location of NGO
Financial information re NGO
number of employees–overhead costs

financial problems/corruption
reporting (charity navigator)
date of report
allocation toward work
donors to NGO–who is funding?
corporation–is it a competitor
famous people as donors?

political parties
recent achievements
negative press
counter-unsubstantiated evidence
benefits outweigh negatives
date of article

Yes i agree with NGO: World Food Program and my analysis is that we should invest in it.

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