If your kid is between the age group of 2-4 and attends a playschool, then it is very important that the playschool is just right for your kid. The environment, the learning method, teachers, the ambiance etc all have to be just correct to provide to your child the best learning experience. To make sure your child is learning in a good playschool, you can look for these 10 indicators that will clearly give assurance about the quality of learning that your child will experience: 

  1. The decoration of the classroom is done not with work done by teachers, printed materials etc but by the work of the children itself. Scribbles, art pieces, drawings, texts, etc should adorn the walls of the classroom in a good preschool.
  2. Playing should be under high focus in a good preschool. Wandering aimlessly or sitting quiet for long is something which is not favourable for learning.
  3. Numerous creative activities are planned for the kids like building blocks, table toys, picture books, art materials, puzzles, etc. Also, different activities should be tried out at the same time with different children to create more curiosity.
  4. Learning should come by way of experiences and not by way of cramming. Numbers, alphabets should be learnt by studying natural environment and daily activities.
  5. Teachers should vary with the group strength of children. Sometimes individual activities should be taken up whereas smaller or bigger groups can be made depending upon need of the activity.
  6. for the more active kids, there should be a planned curriculum and the same should be for the slower kids who take their own sweet time to learn.
  7. Outdoor play is very important and is a must for a good preschool. Any play school which does not have open space to play will not provide complete growth to children.
  8. Activity projects should be assigned for slightly longer durations so as to instil patience, hard work and also concentration in the children.
  9. Reading should be done throughout the day and variably, like in big group, small groups and also individually.
  10. a good preschool should give the feeling of security to the children. Even the parents should feel satisfied with their child going and being safe in the preschool.

With these signs, it becomes very easy to look out for a good play school for your kids. The best development and growth for your child can be made possible only in the most suitable institution.  

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