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However, mistakes made by the US government did not affect foreign and domestic policy, as well as diplomatic relations with other nations. Many historians consider that history tend to repeat. They also compare Vietnam War with the war in Iraq. Why did the USA fail to achieve its goals? First, it should be mentioned that they lost the war on the strategic level. Sometimes the US leadership is criticized for its wrong war strategy, and its confidence in future victory. However, they undervalued the abilities and determination of Vietnamese people. They could not predict such strong resistance from the side of the enemy, and as a result, they lost the war. However, they did not learn from their mistakes and repeated them in their further foreign and domestic policy. Vietnamese loyally defended their traditions and rights for freedom. Numerous American soldiers served in Vietnam and even intensive bombing could not overcome resistance of Vietnamese people. As a result, Americans lost the war. The number of casualties and the cost of blood frustrated American people, and they did not understand what they were fighting for. The Vietnam War seemed unnecessary and groundless.

Only after a long period, the US authorities began to understand how persevere and determined their enemy was. They understood how dangerous it was to attack an enemy, whose strength and subtle abilities were unknown to them. Besides the US diplomacy did not work well, and they did not know their allies at a proper level. The true reason for the US participation in the war was an attempt to contain Communism. The US authorities thought that if to preserve one country from Communist spread, other countries would follow its example. A question of whether a more efficient and flawless strategy would lead to American victory in the war, remains under discussion, but anyway what is done cannot be undone. It is better to learn from past mistakes and not repeat them in future. However, some historians consider that the War in Iraq shows that the USA did not learn much from previous experience, and did not change its policy and diplomacy after the war.

10. Since the fall of the Soviet Union the USA is not generally recognized as the only remaining great world power (super power) presently existing in the world. Other countries are classed as super powers. False. The United States still remain the strongest country in economy and military affairs, as well as in politics. In a century, the USA became isolated from the Western hemisphere and turned into a great world power. Though it is clear, that after the Cold War there remained only one super power in the world, some historians consider that the world is gradually becoming multipolar, as many other countries strengthen their positions in the world. They keep to the point that the very phenomenon of super power is vanishing, and the concentration of power in one state is eventually becoming unnatural. Be that as it may, the 21st century will belong to America in all regards.

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