Rushing through their essays may encourage students to copy from sources. However, most students are not aware that this is a serious academic offense that even violates the intellectual property rights of authors and publishing companies. Thus, it is not surprising why teachers give emphasis on the penalties students may face when they plagiarize. But the good news is students can avoid any trouble by acquainting themselves on the most common plagiarism mistakes. In writing essays, students must cite sources every time they use other people’s ideas, views or hypotheses. Providing citation is one of the cardinal rules of academic writing. Whether students are doing simple book reviews on a particular author or a 15-paged term paper, keeping this basic rule at heart means students are halfway through their writing assignments. It’s not only “words” that get cited for plagiarism. Drawings, graphs, statistics or any fact are necessary in making essays interesting and easy to understand.

Thus, it is of great importance that students of any discipline include relevant data or figures in their writing tasks. Also, statistics help tie up information together thereby helping the readers comprehend the writer’s overall goal or goals. Quotations are beneficial in making a paper look more credible. A writer only needs to remember that he or she must choose the most appropriate one. Including a quote is not the only goal, but positioning the quote in the right sentences of the essays enhances the paper’s credibility in the eyes of any critical reader. Paraphrasing is another writing technique that helps students to convey their ideas. Actually, it is advisable to paraphrase a group of words, whether they are spoken or written. But in doing so, the writer must also give credit to the people who have spoken or written them. These are simple rules that any student can keep in mind when writing their essays . By observing these guidelines, any writing will be free from costly plagiarism mistakes. Moreover, students can also appreciate their writing assignments more as they build a strong foundation in observing copyright standards. After all, students may find themselves the victims of copyright infringement years after completing their essays in school.

Oftentimes, it is so easy to get overstressed and worried about writing an MBA application essay that you overlook the brainstorming and preparation process and, instead, go straight to writing your essay. Brainstorming is one of the most important steps in any endeavor, and this is could not be more true than when it comes to writing your MBA application essay. This article will give you some tips on how to brainstorm and find some inspiration for writing an excellent MBA admissions application essay. One of the principle purposes of brainstorming is to find inspiration and direction for the task at hand. In this case, you must find the inspiration to write an essay that will interest the admissions committee and persuade them to approve your application to MBA school. You can find inspiration in many shapes and forms, be it from a favorite song, movie or book, a life-changing experience, or some of the simpler things in life, like the beauty of nature. Once you have found your inspiration, the best step to take is to continue the brainstorming process by directing your energy and focus toward what you will actually be writing about. Start by taking down notes and coming up with an outline that will guide you when you actually start writing. Oftentimes, the best topics for your MBA application essays are those that speak about who you are and the experiences that have contributed to the formation of your personality and character. 1. Is brainstorming really important when writing an MBA application essay? 2. What types of topics should I choose to write about in my MBA application essay? 3. Are other example admission essays a good source of inspiration?

Essay writing service which provides you with the best essay on which you need to get an A grade is hard to select. You will find many essay writing services on the internet but which to choose is the question here. What does it really takes to make an essay service stand out? BUT, it is the details of these features which makes the difference. ‘Custom written will not assure you the good grade, as writing a custom essay doesnt state that it is written by who. A custom essay has to be written by a professional and a qualified expert writer. This insures you getting that ‘A’ grade on your essay written. Non-plagiarized work – how to prove it? Is the service providing you with a free plagiarism scan report of an updated and a latest anti plagiarism software? Does Freebies include the supplementary pages as well? Or is the service charging you for the supplementary pages (title page, appendix, citations) with the body pages? Is the service providing you unlimited revisions and proofreading facility before the delivery of the paper? Price of the services should not be very high or very low. They should be according to the average of the market prices. These are the main features which make an essay service stand out. Paying a high price doesnt guarantees the quality of the product it is the features and the benefits which one gets from those features which count. These features should also have the guaranteed benefits and results; you can also consult your friends who have previously used these services to help you choose a best and most reliable essay service provider.

Custom writing services are products of the academic world where clients request for customized written services for their academic assignments. Such services are custom as the academic writer has to follow the exact instructions sent by the client for the custom writing services task. These includes a wide array of specifications either give by the instructor or those made by the student to direct the writer into presenting a high quality original custom paper. Failure to follow the specifications results to non-customized writing services which are not worth much in the academic circles as they do not garner high grades. Students are always inclined towards attaining the highest grades available in all the assignments hence they seek for custom writing services which will guarantee them the expected grades. This essay focuses on the various attributes which make up quality custom writing services or specifications which must be followed to the latter to attain this goal. In most instances the instructor will avail to the students a certain number or set of instructors which must be adhered to in the course of the assignment writing exercise.

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